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Re: Yet another death wobble help request

As has been mentioned before- you're not wasting money, you're resetting the maintenance clock on all this stuff.

That said- EVERYTHING on the front end that moves needs to be replaced if you aren't seeing anything moving when you steer lock to lock.

I had this same problem on the wife's ZJ last year. I forklifted it everything in the front end that slides, rotates, or pivots (except for brake pads, calipers, R&P and those associated bearings) was replaced-

control arms with bushings
steering- from the draglink sttachment to the pitman, to the TREs at the wheels
wheel (hub) bearings
axle shaft ujoints
driveshaft ujoints

And the problem went completely away.

Did you look at your steering box spacer? Bet it's broken too.
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