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P1391 stumped

Originally Posted by wes3337684 View Post
Hi everyone long time looker first time poster, I have a 98xj 4.0 Auto, its got 283k on it with only minor issues like freeze plug leaking into bell housing . Now I have the p1391 code, put in new Mopar crank sensor still have code, put in new Mopar cam/ pick up sensor coil, still has code. Checked wiring to o2 sensor ect. and all grounds. Put #1 at TDC with harmonic balancer on TDC and pin fits like a glove into slot in distributor with no play in shaft. What am I missing? SES light comes on as soon as i start it twice, but runs fine. I can unplug crank sensor with jeep running and it kills the engine, unplug cam sensor engine stays running.

Do a reset on the ecu. I hook the battery + cable and ground it out ( can be on the ac compressor ) for 30 seconds. Put it back on. Turn the key to on but donít start. Turn the headlights on for 10 seconds, then off. Now start. It will relearn over the next 50 warmups.

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