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Re: 96 xj sport 5.3 swap

Originally Posted by cleenrob View Post
no change in the jeep really, other than a trans line exploding on the highway.
And this right here is why I replace all my fluid power lines with -6JIC using field-serviceable ends and SAE 100R2AT Hydraulic Hose.

Yes, it is *MASSIVE* overkill. For instance, the working pressure is 4,785PSI.. and I'm using it on AT cooler lines that only see about 50. OK, I also use it on the power steering and hydroboost hoses, which see upwards of 2300PSI. But there is a lot to be said for NEVER losing another transmission due to a ruptured cooling line (I went through 4 trannys on my S10 due to issues with the cooling lines), and only having to keep a 6' section of one kind of hose in the back of my truck to take care of all my hydraulics. If need be I can repair a hose on the side of the road with two adjustable wrenches (and I have done so in a gas station parking lot after not paying attention to what the counter jockey at the local hydro shop gave me when I asked for an Aeroquip part number they were out of stock).

As a crazy bonus, the hose is only about $1.60/foot if you buy it online:
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