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Re: Projext "V8 XJ" Build

Where did you source the v-band clamps? I'm looking into converting my setup to them as well when I build my next exhaust (which has become a much higher priority now that I found I have half a muffler in my XJ).

I am rehabbing my old 90, and I want to get away from the band clamps and 3-hole flanges I used there. One thing I should point out in case you haven't come across this- when welding the clamps (any clamp but apparently the v-bands especially like to walk on you), have them mated up when you are welding. Of course, vary your welding as well- weld a little here, then a little on the other side, then let it cool. Come back and connect the dots till she's sealed up.

This will give you the best shot at maintaining a sealed flange when you final assemble everything. If you just weld the v-band halves onto the pipes and then try to joint them up you will quite likely find they have deformed to the extent they no longer will seal. There's also something called a Marmon flange .. which I just happily found on Amazon!

I haven't used these yet, but they are supposed to be MUCH more forgiving with welding, and they actually seal on a fiber gasket as opposed to a machined surface. I wouldn't buy them there, though. $24 shipping, and it isn't even a complete assembly. I'll try to find a much better source I saw a few months ago...
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