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Re: Going Through a Beater XJ 4.0. Head Bolt Cleaning With Vinegar.

It turns out that simple cheap white vinegar took the rust right off of the rusty head bolts. Amazing how well it worked. So I tossed in all of the rest of the oily head bolts. After several days, the remaining bolts are nice and clean, especially the threads. Then they were soaked in a water and baking soda solution to neutralize the vinegar. So today I blew them off with compressed air, then coated them asap with wd40. They will be ready come assembly day.

The junkyard head bolts I picked up a while back just went into the water rinse after soaking in the well used white vinegar. There were 1-2 inch diameter flakes of crusty black material floating on top of the vinegar. The vinegar did a great job on the 6 or so junkyard head bolts. So they will be grooved with an angle grinder for thread chasing after they go though the rest of the cleaning process.

Super clean threads allow the torque to go into tightening the bolts, rather than overcoming friction from dirty threads.

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