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Re: Can you convert a pre 97 xj to an automatic belt tensioner?

Originally Posted by muddypunk View Post
96 at least my buddies is just like my 95 this would be great but just buy a daily belt and they last a good long while. What uses a 15mm? My 95 takes a 13mm to loosen the ps.pump and I use a stubby ratchet wrench so I don't whack the radiator and it takes me about 10 minutes.
Motor mounts are different 97+ I've got a friend who tried to put my spare (93) motor in his 99 grand and it wouldn't bolt it not a simple deal for him.

Maybe that helped.

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motor mount issue was cuz his was a grand...motor mounts are not the same at all..may have the same engine, but the rest of the mount area isn't the same

My 96 takes a 15 mm.

What's a daily belt ??


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