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replaced CPS now I have coil pack codes?

I was out in my 2000 4.0 running errands I had a moment when it cranked and didn't start, then tried again started up. This happened again and then it threw the code P1391. Then after my last time starting it I had several times it stalled out etc. Finally got it running consistent and then headed home. Got home OK but then was having several issues starting. I changed both the Crank and Cam position sensors, left the battery disconnected etc. The jeep still has the same issues starting, I need to go through several cycles of cranking it. Well when it starts, it will idle fine, but any increase on the throttle, or any attempt to move throws it into rough idle, and most likely a stall.

The codes I am pulling now however are different. p0351/0352/0353 Ignition Coil A/B/C primary/secondary circuit. So any thoughts? I do not just want to go chasing gremlins and throwing money I don't have at this time. This is still my daily and I can't afford to have it down long. Please help!
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