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Yet another death wobble help request

Originally Posted by Intellect View Post
Not to state the obvious, bur if you have not, id suggest to have a friend sit in the jeep and cycle the suspension lock to lock as you look very closely under the Jeep. The slightest part moving ever so slightly, can cause major issues. I found this out many times offroad, would have my girlfriend hope in the seat (BABE KEEP IT IN PARK &#129315 and bam, would easily find the issue i couldnt see otherwise.

Is the track bar tight at the unibody end?

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Sorry for letting this go dead. I had other issues come up. It still wobbles. I had done that many a times to see the lose parts. The trackbar is indeed tight on both ends. Iíll revisit the UCA on the driver side because it makes noise when it wobbles and I feelnit Iím the floor. Possable bushing didnít make it all the way in? Maybe Iíll jack it up and set it on stands and push and pull and see whatís loose. I just wanna say thanks to everyone whoís involved here. This thing has me scratching my head.

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