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Center Inlet/ Center Outlet muffler fitment

So I bought a Borla XR-1 (40942) muffler with the following specs:

2.5 in. Inlet - Centered
2.5 in. Outlet - Centered
16 in. x 4.5 in. x 7.88 in. Case Size

It looks like I might have effed up because it appears the outlet should be offset according to the diagrams I've looked at. Can the muffler still be installed on my rig? If so, can it be done in my driveway (like I was hoping with the help of youtube vids) or should I take it to a muffler shop? I'm also worried about clearance issues as I still have a 4.5" lift and a ZJ gas tank skid plate to install. Any help is appreciated!

1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport
113K miles
I6 4.0 litre
NP231 Transfer Case
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