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Well time rebuild the motor again

Originally Posted by lazyxj View Post
The quickest and most dependable fix is to install another 4.0 block, stroked or not.

Installing a LS into your XJ means the XJ would become another project car.

Swapping engines is not usually done quickly or without hang ups.

Owned a 97 Dakota 4X4 short bed, with 318, for years. Once set up, it was a blast to drive.

I needed a lighter 4X4 to tow behind our RV, it was replaced by the 01 XJ.

The Dakota's weak spot was a front suspension that wore out quickly.

Both hubs were gone by 60,000 miles, the ball joints were never tight. CV joints were gone at 100,000. Don't lift it too much, the CV joints will not like it.

Thatís kinda where I was looking. Luckily my dakota is a 2wd single cab long bed. I donít have a 4.0 layin around and I priced everything out about 1300 said and done so Iím gonna be looking at 1500 installed. I can do almost all the work myself.

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