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Re: Can you convert a pre 97 xj to an automatic belt tensioner?

Originally Posted by Lake919 View Post
Okay so not the automatic tensioner per se, but the one that you use a breaker bar with a socket head and turn and the belt comes directly off, vs mine that has to remove to air box and loosen 40 nuts and loosen a long bolt to remove belts
What you're describing is an automatic tensioner.

I don't know if the 1995 and 1997-2001 models are the same.

My rigs are all 97+. It only takes a few seconds. I loosen the idler pulley with a long zero offset wrench and then use a cordless ratchet with an extension and 15mm socket to move the idler far enough that I can get the belt off. The fans, shrouds, and air box are not involved.
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