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Blew the Reservoir on NEW Power Steering Pump!


What did I do?? I originally broke the little plastic nipple on the back of my power steering pump reservoir when I changed the radiator. Instead of replacing the pump I just replaced the reservoir.

Of course it leaked and kept leaking no matter how I tried to seal it up. I took the pump off the reservoir off three times.

So I broke down and went to NAPA for a new pump with reservoir already installed. I put it on, flushed the system and first blew the low pressure return line. I replaced it and then blew a hole out the side of the reservoir.

What did I forget to do or did I get a bad pump? Any suggestions?

Here is how I bled the system.
Tighten the fittings
Wheels off the ground
Engine running
Turn the steering wheel from stop to stop (gently at the stops) 20 times
Engine off
Look into the reservoir for bubbles
Let the fluid settle down until there is no bubbles
Repeat the above
Wheels down
Turn the steering wheel stop to stop a few times
Check the fluid for excessive bubbles

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