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Yet another death wobble help request

Originally Posted by RCP Phx View Post
I wasn't referring to the angle, you said you replaced all the tre's, on the draglink is one that can only be replaced by a "NEW" draglink!

Oh. Yea. It was replaced. I figured sence it is also a tre thatís what Iíd call it. But the funny part about today is Iím just the neighborhood jeep mechanic for me and my buddyís. Heís got a 93 xj with a starting issue and his keyless antenna in the headliner cought fire this morning. I have to replace a belt ( ate a rib off) on mine and replace my cracked exhaust header because when I tack welded it I made the air turbulent and not it runs at full rich. I get 4 mpg with my striker now and it lobes and idles bad.

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