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Yet another death wobble help request

So Iíve been in and out of the front end of this thing for months. Itís a 2000 xj classic aw4 with a 241 I believe also with a 2 inch lift and shocks.
Shortly after the lift was done I was developing death wobble slowly. I ordered and installed a track bar first. No difference. Next I ordered LCA and UCA bushings. Couldnít do the top ones due to lack of time but the lowers made a world of difference. I went from being banished to under 40 to being able to chance runs to 50 or 60. Still not right though. I was due for tires so I put on some 265/75/r16 handcook dynapro ATMs. I also did the UCA bushings and all the TREs today. Eyeball and tape measure aligned it. Still a violent wobble. Bad enough to almost make me lose control. The track bar and drag link are parallel atleast to what I can see. Now I sit in my house frustrated Iíve dumped so much money into the front end. Iím reaching the end of my patience quickly and have run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

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