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Sawsall proved to be a poor candidate to extract a late model firewall

Is my Jeep modified enough to post here? I drilled all of the spot welds, modified the inner fenders, and welded the entire core support from a 92 into my 86. I have a clean engine bay, clean firewall on both sides, and pretty much nothing forward of the body wiring harness connectors. This was all pretty simple, actually.

When I went to practice on a junk tub, I found my plan of changing the center of the firewall to be more involved than I previously anticipated, namely, extracting the section with a reciprocating saw may not have been my brightest moment. So despite my abhorrence to unwarranted violence, I've decided to go the sledgehammer route in my quest for 4.0 clearance, while using hole saws for the shift cable and trans control wiring. I understand that this is a fairly unorthodox swap, but I was hoping some here may have pictures of the end result.

Also, now that you've had adequate time to shake your head, know that this is a well equipped two door, the transmission from which more than paid for this entire project, and my only out of pocket expenses are bits, blades, and paint. Thanks for posting.
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