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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

Originally Posted by Anak View Post
The two pitman nuts that I have removed from XJs (my own and AJ's) have been remarkably not very tight. My half educated guess is that the lock washer gradually drives the pitman arm deeper onto the splines, increasing the distance between the pitman arm and the nut and thereby reducing the effective torque setting. But the nuts still stay on. (And AJ's pitman arm was certainly plenty tight.)

The thought in my mind is that the torque figures you choose may not be nearly as important as would be going back and checking the torque setting 100 miles (and maybe 1,000 miles) later, especially so if you have removed the pitman arm.
That's kinda what I was thinking......torque to 145 with my torque wrench & anti-seize, which should yield ~180 @ the nut, then then recheck in a few 100 miles.

No need at this time to remove the pitman arm...but may have that need in the future.
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