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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

Originally Posted by Demonoid369 View Post
Don't understand the thread jack but those bumpers don't look like they compare close to Bryson's winch mount. His looks to tie in to the uniframe better plus sector shaft support
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Didn't intend for a thread jack approach. It is really apples to oranges in this case. This is solely a winch mount and steering brace. The alternative is a bumper and winch mount. Both have offer great approach angle and winch protection which a lot of people prefer.

Since this is "pre-production" and I have not seen this piece in person I figured I would voice my only concern. All lateral alignment appears to be controlled by the mounting bolts and the fitment around the bolts. I have no idea how much un unbraced steering box moves during normal offroad use but if there is a hard lateral pull and the whole mount slides say 1/4" to one side and takes the steering box shaft with it, will the steering box survive that? I will put on my flame suit now
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