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Re: Pre-Production Sneak Peak at Boostwerks Comp Mount

That aside, back to the Comp Mount.

I had observed that my sector shaft did not exactly line up with the opening for it. Bryson suggested I loosen up the bolts for the steering gear box and try moving it. That did work. With some leverage from a pry bar, like this:

And even at that, it only barely cleared. I think this is one of the changes that will be made in the production units, affording a little more room for adjustment here.

And here is a view of how it clears on the inside (taken through the opening for the fairlead):

And a view from the outside:

Now I needed to try to get everything all together all at once. I made some spacers to solve the problems of mounting both the winch and the fairlead (I expect production units to come with spacers, not necessarily identical to what I did, but effectively the same thing):

And here it is, all together:

With my hand in place to give some sense of clearance:

A side view, looks like a good skid plate to boot:

These next four pictures are to give a sense of clearance and of some of the challenges involved in trying to incorporate additional mounting points in a production piece.
At the driver’s side frame horn, no gap:

At the passenger side frame horn, approximately a 1/8” gap:

At the driver’s side radiator support, 3/8” gap:

At the passenger side radiator support, ˝” gap:

I would still like to attempt to weld in some brackets to tie those pieces in, but that turns this into a fabricator’s piece. I doubt most customers will want to go to those lengths. As it is, this piece could have been sent to me powder coated and I could have a final installation with no modifications. If I were the manufacturer I would not mess with that. I would say job well done.

I still need to deal with the sway bar. Bryson is sending me some of his drop brackets so I can take care of that detail.

I also still need to get the bumper back up and see what sort of modifications are required to run the front bumper. Odds are this is going to work best with something like a pre-runner bumper, but my goal is to keep this as boring looking as I can.

Once I have the bumper figured out I will then try to figure out the engagement lever.

And there is the mounting of the control box and its associated wiring.

More to come, but this should get folks an idea of what the Comp Mount will be.
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