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Introducing the SeXJ

Sorry for the long post. Giving all the details I can think of.

It got it's name because I bought it from a high school kid's dad who was selling it out from under him. The first time my wife got in, she said it smelled like sex and we suspect it was a shag wagon in it's previous life.

It was essentially a stock '91 with 204k miles when I got. The kid had installed a JeepSpeed style front bumper, broken posi lock and had a rebuilt engine installed around 130k. Was told it was well maintained and asked what that meant. His answer was changing the oil every 3k miles and that was it. He wanted $950 and I offered $750 after the test drive and once over and he took it and gave me a set of 4 honeycomb wheels.

I was talking to a local builder who is a member of the Rocky Mountain Rebels 4x4 club about what to do since I'm new to building jeeps and wanted a solid rig for SAR and playing. For him, going 4.5" LA and all the other stuff to put 33x12.50's wasn't a big deal and I assumed it wouldn't be for me since I've been working on cars with a couple rebuilds most of my life. Just for cost savings, I wish I would have stayed in the 2-3.5" range to avoid all the geometry related stuff I didn't realize would be such a pain when going higher. I love the height and I think the tires are perfect for what I need but that 4.5" decision completely blew my $1500 budget. Though, another good note is I 'had' to buy some new tools I've wanted to have around so...

What's done:
  • Rough Country 4.5" LA
  • SYE and new rear driveshaft
  • Hack job of a fender trim on the front (Need to do rears)
  • 5 new Mickey T Deegan 38's 33x12.50x15
  • All but PS fluids changed
  • New transmission filter and pan gasket
  • Cooling system flush (Surprisingly clean but I overheated a few times so it was mostly new from me)
  • New thermostat (that and proper coolant ratio fixed my overheating issues)
  • New plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor
  • New O2 sensor (Bosch, though if it really matters)
  • New calipers, rotors, pads front
  • New wheel cylinder, shoes and hardware in the rear
  • 98-99 Grand MC and booster swap (still spongy at the bottom but stops much better)
  • New Optima battery
  • 4.88 gears
  • Gas tank patch (temporary until Christmas settles down)
  • Shimmed the rear axle 6* (still a tiny bit of harmonic vibe at speed. should have ignored the shop I got the shims from and gone higher)
  • Moved the front axle forward about 1.5" to straighten coils some
  • New ball joints on D30
  • Permanently locked the CAD with washers on the yoke shaft (Posilock cable was melted to the exhaust and wouldn't work)
  • Threw the steering stabilizer in the trash

What I want to do:
  • Upgrade brakes further to dual piston up front and disk in the rear
  • Upgrade all axle shafts
  • Replace two piece passenger shaft with one piece shaft
  • Lock front and/or rear (probably do shafts when I do this since I would need to upgrade to higher spline count anyway)
  • Compact bumpers front and rear (want a winch, recovery points, hitch and tire mount)
  • Frame reinforcement
  • 1 ton and OTK steering and upgraded steering box
  • LED lighting in and out except for headlights. Want to stay safe and street legal with the headlights. When I need more light on the trail, the lightbar will be fine.
  • Replace/renew all the interior
  • Repair all rust damage (roof and floor)
  • 2x6 rock sliders (will get rid of the rust there) and a cage eventually
  • Rebuild the engine with all new accessories (or get a crate and sell this one. Its in good shape but needs some love)
  • Rear storage for spare parts, SAR/climbing gear and family things when on the trail or camping
  • Bore out throttle body
  • Replace injectors with 4 hole ones
  • High flow cat and exhaust
  • Cone AC that will take up less space
  • Dual batteries
  • Compressor
  • 41 tooth speedo gear

Issues I'm facing
  • Front drive line vibes above 55mph. Been playing with pinion angle and anything from higher than straight down to stock is helping. Probably out of balance drive shaft but I can disconnect for long trips until I have time/money to replace/repair)
  • Still burning some oil. Head gasket is good (compression averages 127 and barely fluctuates between cylinders). Only notice on startup so probably leaky valve pooling oil on the piston to get burned on startup
  • Braking in reverse coming off obstacle in 4L is uesless. I overgeard my brakes
  • Leaking gas tank at the strap. Will need to look at the effort involved in dropping it, sanding, fixing the leak and priming it vs buying a new one
  • Steering is starting to stick. Only on startup but happening more and more lately (Maybe the 20* weather making it worse)
  • Passenger rear door lower hing pin rusted and broke.
  • Water/air coming in front doors at hinge since I cut fenders. Not sure how to seal that back up. Pool noodles?

Anyone have any opinions I'm happy to hear them. My intended use is to do Search and Rescue in northern Utah, wheeling here as well as some trails in Moab that the stock guys can't but not so extreme that I'll NEED D60's and such. If the bug bites me real hard, then I'll get into building a trailer buggy for that kind of stuff.

I can't add attachments and don't have any photo sharing accounts that make sharing photos inline easy so here is a link to a Google+ album I put together: 91 SeXJ

Thanks for looking
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