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Re: Projext "V8 XJ" Build

I wanted to go over my plans for this build.

Its going to go fairly slowly as I pretty much work 7 days a week. I get interrupted in the middle of my days off by clients looking for answers. Its ok, nature of the business.

Here's the parts list:

Motor: Not sure yet 4.8/5.3 is what I'll likely go with (I'll decide when I'm ready to purchase)
Trans: 4x4 4l60e
Motor Mounts: Novak MMXJ3 - RECEIVED
TC Adapter: Advance Adapters - AA-50-0435
- Still unsure if I want to get this or use a hybrid S10 241/231 case to bolt right up
Radiator (With Taurus Fan)- Griffin 1-28282-TLS
Harness Mod & ECU Tuning:
Fuel - Still unsure about. Not sure if I want to adapt the GM fuel pump or use an in tank replacement pump with external FPR
Gauges - Adapting Stock to the LS
Headers - Novak LSXJ3
Exhaust - local exhaust shop as I don't own a welder
AC Relocation - Novak ACG3-3 - NEED AC in Vegas
*Bunch of other shit* - I'm sure I'll need a bunch of random stuff, but I'll keep this updated with what I buy.

One VERY important thing I missed. I HAVE to keep this Jeep SMOG legal. Yes, SMOG LEGAL. I want to be able to drive it across the country if I so choose.

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