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Troy's "I need to quit working on my wife's Jeep" build

Story goes, 2 years ago my wife wanted a Jeep. She had one in college and missed it. I've never owned one but decided a Cherokee would make a fun 3rd vehicle. We bought what was already a fairly capable rig. After getting invited to take it to some trails by some buddies its been downhill I've changed all of it and would consider it 80%+ done. I've learned everything from these forums so hear is my thread to help others.

I'm wanting to attend the 35th anniversary in Moab so hears is the history and where I'm at.

Here's what it looked like when I bought it a little over 2 years ago.

- 6.5" RC short arm lift
- LP Dana 30 with Ox locker
- Dana 35 with 30 Spline Ox locker
- 33"s

Rust free and in perfect shape. The previous owner had put some decent parts on it but didn't wheel it. Didn't even have disconnects. It needed tires so I put some 33" Treadwrights on it and powder coated the wheels. We then tossed the flairs and trimmed the fenders (I'll skip that stuff plenty of threads showing how to's)

Wife digs.

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