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Re: MWC ROTM rules and whatnot

Originally Posted by Fore Wheeler View Post
Here's the bod approved rules, with some slight changes...

A thread will be started the third week of every month to determine the contest for the following month.

Submissions will run 5 days or until 3 entry's are made.

After the 5day/3 sub. a poll will be started and will stay open for 1 week. the winner will be the one with the most votes.

Submitters and voters must be with in the MWC states. MAP

Submissions and voting will be open for MWC Members only.

Submissions must have 2 photos and a description of the Rig.

All submissions must follow the "Theme" for the month.

All themes will be xj/mj in nature.

All photos must be a viewable size, no thumbnails.

Pictures should be within a year old.

winning Rig's can not enter twice in one calendar year.

All winners from each calendar year will compete for ROTY the first week of January. The winner of ROTY will receive one free admission to winterfest following the contest. Free wf certificates will be dated and not valid for any other dates.

The first ROTY will be held January, 2014, including the past 14 winners.

In the event that someone causes "drama" he/she will be forced to shower with REV at WF.

Remember this is not a formal ROTM so lets have fun. if you cant stand the burn of a little Bacon grease, you shouldn't hang in the kitchen.
map link fixed.this post is so i can book mark the rules for easy finding
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