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Death Wobble

Our 2001 has been having real minor DW issues for about a month now but it hardly gets driven so I've been putting it off. All of the steering components were original and it's got 100,000 miles now. About a week ago I replaced the trackbar and the tie rods. NAPA wanted an insane amount for all of this (right at $500) so I ordered the stuff from Quadratec instead. The vehicle got an alignment the next day. The DW was better but today my wife had to call me to come get her from the Springs because she was scared of it. She said it was happening as low as 30mph. She knows what DW is as she experienced it on my 96 and I got it to repeat on the way back up to town but kept it under control by letting off the gas or hitting the brakes real hard when it started up. The steering stabilizer was on my list of things to replace since all the oil is blown from it. I just took it off and there is a dead spot right about where it normally sits where there is no resistance. I'm aware of the debates regarding stabilizers but given the fact that the oil is leaking from it and the dead spot, I'm going to replace it. I know for a fact that we haven't had the tires balanced in probably 4 years so that was also going to get done this weekend. She happened to be on 8th street when it happened and she pulled into Walmart and asked them to balance the tires but they said they couldn't because state law said there had to be a certain amount of tread. These tires are pretty worn but they're not that bad. I've never heard of such a law but they did encourage her to come in and look at their tires which sounds suspect. Those that know me will know that this thing has led a cushioned life and hardly ever seen a fire road. It's never seen a trail. It has a budget boost with 30" BFG AT's.

Is there such a law?

Am I on the right track?

Balljoints appear fine. Shocks are original and could probably be upgraded but not sure if that's more of an issue than the balance and stabilizer. One thing that I don't like the look of is the new trackbar. The rubber boot at the frame end os already cracked and appears dry rotted. The other concern with it is that when the steering is cycled shortly and quickly and you put finger on both the frame end mount and the top of the boot, you can feel the TB lift up slightly which can't be good at all. Not sure if I need to call them on Monday and complain about that.
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