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yet another heat issue

98 xj sport - 160,000km

Ok, its -30C (thats -22f for a majority of you) and I'm going to be sterile after another week of this.

Temperature readings (taken after 20 minutes running):
Ambient outdoor: -32C
dash - ~74C
OBDii - 74C
Hose to heater core: 56C
Hose from heater core: 40C
Hose from block to rad: 56C
Hose from Rad to Block: 56C
Air temp at vents: 10C
Air temp in cab: -20C

I flushed the heater core a few months ago and it seemed to flow pretty well, but I don't really have much to compare to other than my 90xj which blows ~45C at the vents and the water temp is ~88C.
The 98 warms up to 74C in about 6 or 7 minutes at -30C so I think its mostly safe to assume that my thermostat is working?

Possibly related, the air ducts XXXXin' howl when its set to defrost and/or heat, but are mostly quiet when set to vents. Not much air flow out of defrost or heat (front or rear). The hold/cold door sounds like its closing all the way (though it'd be great if someone knew how to verify this without taking the dash apart).

What direction should I go first? I've got limited access to a garage and its -40C by evening

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