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Back Story:

Installed 44k mile 01 engine in a 96 XJ(new rotor, cap, plugs and wires), ran it for awhile today and I have a pretty regular misfire/stumble and a CEL.

Code shows P1391, cleared and then started up, comes back after a few seconds. Seems to me that the CPS usually just goes, and doesn't cause a problem like this.

Reading around shows something about CKPS/CPS synchronization, but everything I read indicates this is on 2000+ with the Distributorless ignition. I've also seen other distributored owners talking about doing the synchronization.

I've read the couple of articles posted

I can find TDC easy enough, but, where the heck are we talking about putting in the toothpick?

Am I even barking up the right tree looking for my misfire here?
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