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Going to look at Possible Purchase 1990 XJ 4.0 Renix Tomorrow. Tips?

so im going to look at a 1990 XJ 4.0 AX15 5spd 4x4 tomorrow.

Here is the listing

1990 Cherokee 4.0 with 4 inch lift, 33 all terrains, 5 speed manual, 4x4. Black/camo/blue. Great Woods truck. Slight bumper and grill damage, nothing serious. Driven daily, just need gone. Looking for 800 obo, or trade for daily driver. NEED GONE BY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! Listening to ANY offers, don't hesitate to call or text.

Problems he told me: Tires need balanced. No problem my friend owns tire shop
Tail Shaft Seal leaking.. No problem easy 15 dollar fix right?

He said there is no Rust. I cant believe it if there isnt Ill drop dead.
He said drives like a champ
Said it never runs hot since he bypassed the Overflow... Is that all it takes?
Rear Axle is a D35
Tires have 3/4 tread

So what else should I look for other then obvious oil leakage, overheating, fluid leaking, Rough running, Rust....

Im thinking if it actually runs good and is in decent shape ill offer him 600 cash see if he bites.
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