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my "wannabe jeepspeed" grand cherokee build

hey guys,im ryan im 21 from southern california. just joined up on here seeing theres more info and build threads on jeepspeeds and prerunners. cant really get any info on the other sites im on(dezert rangers, because no one builds jeeps, or doesnt build grand cherokees. thought id get more help, guidance and advice from from the more experienced xj crowd. ill just continue my build starting here. well anyways enough talk heres my ride:


iron rock offroad front 3link long arm upgrade
rubicon express 5.5 xj coil with 1inch coil spacer
jks adjustable rear trac bar and front shock mounts
kevins offroad adj. front trac bar conversion
front to rear swap in rear with 1inch spacer
32 11.50 15 bfg km2's on eagle alloy rims, 2 spare goodyear mtr's
mcneil racing 4in bulge front glass
custom bumper
custom roof rack
limit straps
fox 2.0 x10 non resi front.
14inch resi rear into the cab in a bedcage
crawler ready HD motormounts
driver and passenger twisted stitch suspension seats(still fully adj)
tnt zj unibody stiffeners

ive been building this for a while now and have made great progress and im happy with how its turning out.

future mods include high pinion d30 swap and truss it, t&j upper shock mounts. 2.5x 10 front resis(maybe bypasses one day), cage. otk steering, rear long arms, front and rear unibody plating and the list goes on.

and this is the most recent pic with the 5.5inch front lift longarms and 10in shock. its up on a jack measuring for straps.

this will be built on monday, i added the red bars and the spare tires will sit in the outside bars and the shocks will conect to the main hoop.

and the CR motormountswill be goin in next week aswell

so any help info and suggestions please post up!! thanks
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