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Rebuild or replace? TC issues.........

Howdy and Happy New Year.

So to make a long story short, when I bought my 89 XJ, it had a NP231 in it that the PO left dry, due to a bad output seal. I spent $100 on a use NP242, and had a Jeep guy put it in for me (another $75, but he had a lift!!!)

The Jeep was fine last winter, with no real issues. This winter, I went skiing, and stuck it in 4WD part time, and no 4WD! So came home in 2wd, as I am driving home, I put it into 4WD full time, and it seems to be ok, then NO DRIVE AT all!!!! I stop, put the transmission into N and put the TC back into 2wd, with a bit of noise, it goes.

Over the past couple of weeks, with help from those of you on this forum ( THANK YOU!!!) I have re-adjusted the shift lever multiple times, and it is doing the same thing. No 4wd in any position, including low, and it will loss drive when in 4wd full time. I assume my USED 242 is history.

SO what to do? Go get another one out of some rig, or have the current one rebuilt? I have never rebuilt one, but I do have the factory manual, and I think I can handle it, but, once again, I don't have a lift!!! The idea of crawling under my Jeep in the cold is not great. Do you think just replacing the chain in the rig would do it? What does it cost have these things rebuilt? Are the worth rebuilding? Or should I just go get another one????

Any advice from those of you with experience would be greatly appreciated.

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