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241OR Rock-Trac/Teraflex 2-Low/Novak Cable Shifter Install

Part 1

Well, push came to shove and I decided it was time to ditch the 242,
and upgrade to a different T-case. I wasn’t interested in hacking up
my tunnel, or dropping more than $3000. With the help of DJ, I chose
the NVG241OR Rock-Trac from JB Conversions. After a lengthy E-mail
conversation (determining whether the case would have enough spline
engagement between the trans output and the T-case input,) I had one
brand new 241 with 1310 Yokes installed Front and Rear on its way via
Fed-ex freight to me for a little over $2100. By the way, the folks
over at JB are awesome. Customer service is great, and I couldn’t
have asked for better service.

Few Pictures right out of the box:

oOoOohh Shiny

Anyway, I wanted to make sure I did this right. I didn’t want to get
it up there, change my mind, and drop the case again. Ideally, lift
it once and keep it up there for a while. This T-case weighs right
around 100 lbs. It’s not easy when you don’t have the appropriate
jack to hold it in place. My rig will be Daily Driven until I can
afford another mode of transportation. This means I want the Speedo
to work, and I want the 4 Wheel Drive Indicator Illumination to
function properly as well. JB sells a wire/switch set to make the 4WD
Indicator to work. These pieces are customized for the 241OR

For reference – There are 3 wires (on NP242 models, 2 on NP231) coming
from the harness, to the connector.

Black/White – Full-Time signal
Black/Red – Part Time signal
Black – Ground Distribution

Word on the street is the 241OR has a bit of a sweet tooth, so I
picked up some liquid candy for it.

Now. A case that’s designed to handle to power output from a Cummins
Diesel Motor; Maximum Torque Capacity: 5,555 ft lbs vs. 1,885 ft lbs
with the NV231, and 1,486 ft lbs with the NV242(; 4:1 crawl ratio;
32 spline output shafts; and a direct bolt up… Could it get any
better? How about 4:1 2 Wheel Drive?

Yep. Teraflex now makes a 2-Low kit, for the TJ 241OR. That install
will be covered in the next reply.


Note: Above numbers regarding Maximum Torque Capacity were referenced
from Eric Zappe's (EricsXJ on ) book - "High-Performance Jeep
CHEROKEE XJ Builder's Guide 1984-2001."

JB is an NVG aftermarket distributer, and buy these cases straight
from the plant. The metal tags are not installed at the point at which
they are purchased.

All of these images are in a special "Archive" folder on my
photobucket. They should always be present in this Thread.

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