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5.3L Vortec V8 Conversion

First things first.
Please help me keep this as a TECH ONLY thread. If you want to debate the merits of different engines please start another thread. Hopefully we can all learn a little as this progresses.

I'll do the best I can to answer any questions regarding the swap.


This is my latest upgrade, a Chevy V8 stuffed into a 97 XJ. here's what I started with:
2003 5.3L
Complete harness for the engine, tranny, Drive by Wire throttle, peddle assembly and the thru the firewall harness for the entire dash.
All Fuse and relay blocks
All front end bolt-on's
All fuel lines
All electronic contol modules

4l60E 4x4 Transmission, flexplate, torque converter, and transfercase adapter (tailcone).
All tranny wiring including the NSS (aka PRNDL Switch)

After much research I opted to buy a motor mount kit from Novak Conversions. This saved alot of time and was well worth the money.
At long last....PROGRESS!!!!!! And a few pictures.
This is what I started with this morning. The first order of the day was to remove the Evap Canister, A/C lines at the firewall and accumulator, and the hoses for the heater.

Next up was the original motor mount brackets. I pulled the OEM brackets and installed the Novak adapters.

After seperating the tranny from the engine I installed the motor side of the Noval kit.

The first attempt at dropping the motor in didn't go to well. The OEM manifolds are just to big.

I pulled the motor back out and removed the exhaust manifolds and tried again.

With the motor in place you can see that there simply isn't room for the stock manifolds. I'm going to research some block hugger headers and will post up which ones I decided to use.
Passenger side...

A few pics with the wires moved off the top of the motor.

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