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replaced transmission fluid and filter - internal hard hydraulic lines questionable..

Finally got around to doing my transmission fluid and filter change tonight. As many have mentioned, separating the dipstick is a bear to do. It took several tries and at one point I even removed the crossmember to get a bit more clearance. Eventually all the tugging separated the top tube from the bottom - seriously though why the hell do they make it so hard??

Anyways, fluid was dark but not burnt smelling so good news there. Fair amount of fine metallic particles at the bottom of the pan and some smallish shavings which I'm assuming were from the AW4's original break-in.

Didn't use RTV sealant as the Factory Service Manual doesn't specify the need. I did notice interestingly though that there was RTV in there when I dropped the pan.

One thing I noticed though when I inspected the internals with the pan removed was that the couple hard hydraulic lines towards the rear of the transmission have some funky kinks in the bends. At first my heart sunk because I thought that I'd bent the hydraulic lines getting the pan off, but on closer inspection I didn't see any sign that I'd damaged the hard lines myself with the pan. I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this when they inspect their transmission?
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