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98 XJ w/ Up Country 3" total lift

Hi all. I am a new owner of a 98 XJ that has the Up Country package installed. The rear springs have not noticably started sagging yet. I would like to lift her to a total of around 3". I know the current coils and springs should have given it a 1" lift already. I am trying to understand some of my options, and their relationship to necessary shock travel and compression. I am going to be putting in a spacer on the front coils for the additional 2" of lift in the front, and either 2" lift shackles or a whole new 3" lift spring pack for the rear. Would the two options for the rear have different shock requirements? Could anyone recommend Gabriel or Monroe shock numbers for these options? My confusion mainly lies in the use of spacers and shackles with the original 1" of lift, and what shocks might work with this. I am piecing this together on the cheap, so I would prefer a Gabriel shock, but their numbers are all listed by make and model year. I would not be adverse to spending a little more on Sensa-a-tracs if I have to to get proper shocks. Thanks

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