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Please submit your entries for November ROTM

1. All interested should send an email to containing appropriate information. There will be a confirmation email sent back within a day (usually) to acknowledge the entry.

2. First 6 rigs that make it into the inbox will posted on or after 27th for review and voting by forum users. Voting will go on for 4 days and the winning entry will be permanently hosted on as next months Rig of the Month.

3. Each email should contain a paragraph or two describing the specs and LINKS to two pictures. Attention: Please do not attach pictures to the EMAILS! If you do not have your pictures hosted on the web, please contact me and I can help you get the entry in. First picture should be of a nice, somewhat clean rig (something like driveway shot or side of the road or even on the trail) that shows the rig in all its glory. Second picture, should be on the trail while doing what Jeeps were made for.

4. Pics have to be in focus, looking nice and NO PHOTOSHOP or other touchups allowed (except clearing out the license plate).

5. Pics of XJ's or MJ's only!

6. reserves the right to change/modify these rules as needed.

Feel free to PM me with any question

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