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99 belt tensioner on 93 XJ

I broke the belt tensioner on my 93 so I figured I could just fix it, or I could upgrade it. I chose the latter by getting complete 99 XJ intake, fuel rail, injectors, PS pump and bracket($60 at Junkyard).

I got everything on, but I've run into a problem with belt routing. I got the belt from the 99XJ, and went to follow belt routing of 99. It seems I need to remove the idler pully form AC bracket, though maybe I could just leave it there. Also, there is some metal round thing sticking out from what I think is the timing chain cover. If I tighten the belt, then it hits the metal thing. I couldn't find a post with someone having this issue before.

There are two solutions I can think of.
1. Shorter belt may help, but I'm not sure.
2. Grid off that metal piece, but I'm not even sure what its for, and what are the consequences of removing it.

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