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Death Chatter.....not death wobble

first off...
90 xj, 4wd 4.0 aw4 all stock 270k ish miles
the car was sitting for over a year before i got it on the road again last fall/summer

i have what appears to be a classic case of death wobble except...
it doesn't happen all the time. the truck must be going faster then 55, it only starts after i hit a bump, or set of train tracks, or something like that. and even then i can pass over the same bump multiple times at the same speed and it doesn't do it al the time. when it does, all i have to do is slow down to 45ish and it goes away.

now i'm pretty darn sure that the shocks are shot, or nearly so. would that cause this???

this also sounds like a good time to do a suspension overhaul, bushings, shocks, springs. so maybe i'll go for a small lift at the same time. (2 or so inches, nothing that would require a transfer case drop or a sye)

i guess what i am asking is if my diagnosis is correct???


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