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I talk about my beater some, here it is... This was my mom's commuter vehicle. She bought it new from dealer inventory back in 91 and used it as her long-distance DD in Florida, Ohio and Maryland. My baby brother also learned to drive on it, and he did most of the serious damage on it. Current mileage is almost 335k miles. All service records were kept and it was pretty well maintained from what I can tell.

I don't really know where I'm going to take her yet but I'm pretty sure I will use it for sport UTILITY vehicle instead of SPORT utility vehicle. I'm building a new house later this year so I will use it for hauling construction materials through muddy fields, and will also use it when I don't want to drive my Cadillac for whatever reason (ski trips, bad weather, etc).

Exterior has the faded paint typical of the era, some very small rust spots (none on the rockers or anything, just a little bit around the fender lips), and had some cosmetic problems like broken mirrors and window vents. I replaced the mirrors and window vents and some other small things already. Door dents need to be fixed after some other more important work is done. I'm going to cover each piece in dark grey primer and will then give it a new coat of dark grey metallic after the body work is finished later this year.

I've already got OEM replacement bumpers and am ordering end caps and other trim pieces between bigger work items.

The interior is pretty bad too. Headliner, visors, console, and seats are all damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced.

I yanked everything out and am going to R&R everything from the floorboards through the seats.

Lots of rust under the rear carpet, but the front is okay.

Engine was serviced pretty regularly and it runs okay once it's warmed up, but the whole thing including accessories are overdue for replacement. I've already cleaned it up a bit, replaced thermostat and water housing, replaced battery, did the whole tune-up, etc. So it looks a little better than in these pics. I am going to replace the pumps next, and will use the newer items on a replacement engine once I figure out what I want to do.

The rear axle is the 27-spline 8.25 so I will probably build up an 8.8 replacement instead of locking this one.

Immediate work items in order are replacement rear floorpan (already bought and waiting for installation), new seats and replacement items (looking and buying now), 3" OME lift and some 31" retreads (next month), exterior body work (next month), additional 3" of lift (springtime), engine swap (summer), additional body work (springtime and summer). Hopefully I have a good little SUV by the end of summer.
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