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R E A D M E ! ! !

Welcome to the MWC For Sale/Wanted fourm.

Items listed here shall be in the MWC area.

You MUST include an asking price AND location of item(s) for sale.

if you do not list the asking price and location your post will be deleted

Spam, or repeated selling by users not interested in anything other then selling will not be permitted.

Commercial postings, even if it smells commercial, will be removed.

Lets keep this forum for its intended use, minimal discussion about the item for sale/wanted will be allowed, but may be removed if it gets to far off topic or endless.

Posts that are unrelated will be removed.

When an item sells/or you get it, please post up or PM me and the thread will be closed.

Users that piss-off the BOD for any reason will be dealt with as needed.


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