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October 12th, 2006, 14:58
Picking up the 91' I just bought for $200 tomorrow. Hooked a fully charged jump pack to the cables to see what the girl was talking about as far as wiring smoking. Its the ECM. This just had a new alt. installed the day b-4 she started having probs. Looks like the guy did a hack job.
She said she was driving down the street, turned on the radio and it died, she tried to jump it and that was when the ECM started smoking. She parked it her barn for the last year.
I'm kind of leaning toward trying to fix this, was gonna part it out, has a good body, great interior(except for what ever lil critter got in it and used it for a bathroom...stink) and only has 100K on it.
Any ideas besides looking at the alt. wires. I would have figured a fuse or link would have blown b-4 getting to the ECM.

October 14th, 2006, 03:50
found out what kind of critter.....mice, they have a nest under the rear seat. Now to get rid of the smell.
This thing keeps getting better. I just noticed when I got it out in the light and washed off a year of dust that it has a factory sunroof.
Still trying to trace down the wiring prob.
If anyone has a wiring diag. for a 91' I could use one. Everything I have is for Renix.

October 14th, 2006, 04:11
There is some stuff called Odor Digester made by Dymon that should do the trick. As far as I know you can not buy it in the stores, but if you google for it you can find it on line through the janitorial supply stores.

It works very well. I sprayed a cat box with the stuff and it took the odor right out. The effects are not permanent and I am sure that repeated applicaiton of the stuff will be required especially with mouse piss. I would spray it once a day for a while or more often if needed until the smell is completely gone.

Here I found a link for you


I use a spray bottle to apply the stuff.