View Full Version : Swamped my Heep.....Running on 5 cylinders.....

October 11th, 2006, 16:08
Ok, So I'll spare all the details, but I swamped my Heep last weekend in over 4' of water. Immediately got pulled out and changed plugs and wires and cap and rotor as well as air filter and let everything dry the best I could. Also pumped all water out of the cylinders. Suprisingly everything is working great, other than I'm only running on 5 cylinders. My #4 cylinder seems to be the problem. Whenever I pull the plug it's all black looking while the rest are clean. Replaced that plug and wire a few times and no difference. When I pull the plug wire off the dist. cap, it makes no difference at all. But when I reconnect it it arcs, so I obviously have spark. When I disconnect any other plug, it makes a considerable difference. Also, I pulled my #4 plug and put my thumb over the hole while someone cranked it and I have obvious compression. What the heck can my problem be? I'm almost thinking injectors, but that thought scares me as as I've never messed w/injectors before and the whole thought overwhelms me. ANy help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Oh yeah, '90 XJ Pioneer, 4.0, AX-15.

Wa Woody
October 11th, 2006, 16:20
A black plug usually means it's getting too much gas, but it doesn't matter if your getting too much or no fuel I would look at the injector. As a test you could switch injectors with a cylinder that's working and see if the problem also switches or install a pulled injector from a wrecking yard. Do a search on replacing injectors for the steps needed. It's not that tough. Good Luck


October 11th, 2006, 16:25
Better check the compression in #4 first, very very likely you hydro-Locked #4 and now have a pistion with a hole in it.

October 12th, 2006, 13:29
Hmmmm.......Definately hoping I don't have a hole in my piston or any other sort of internal problem. Just got home from work so I'm gonna try messing w/the injectors now. I certainly hope that cures it! Anyone have any other ideas?