View Full Version : Gear Purchase & TruTrac D30 - What Company/Vendor?

January 23rd, 2009, 06:47
I am going to be dropping some mad cash in the short future and I am really stuck with who I should purchase my parts from.
I don't want to buy the CHEAPEST gear set out there because I don't want to hear them whine like a mofo. But I'm not a big shooter either and don't have $250 for each ring and pinion set + master install kits for both.

There have been too many PORC horror stories on Pirate to deter me from dealing with them.

I have a spare HP D30 sitting in my garage, in search of a Ford 8.8 and my ratio of choice is 4.56

I would like to deal with a vendor that is going to stand up for their product warranties and someone that will ship to Canada, IF possible. I'm going through the search right now, but most of the threads are about which ratio to choose lol. I've never done this, don't want to make a mistake.

Since I have to buy a Carrier anyway, I was thinking about a TruTrac Limited Slip for the D30. I plan on running 33's with a np242 (which is the reason for a limited slip). Are these things extremely prone to blowing up? I have read about a lot of REAR failures, not so much for the front. But would like to hear the general consensus. I have a 3.73+ carrier sitting in my garage for the D30 but I would like some sort of traction aid up front if possible...