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January 22nd, 2009, 08:49
does anyone know a good CB radio place in south OC or SD?

i got my CB radio stuff from my parents for christmas. i got everything. however they got me a mount for the xj on the roof rack and since i don't plan on getting a roof rack soon for the zj i need a new mount. i want the firestik SS204A. i am gonna mount in the back near the hatch and tail light.

if anyone knows where i can get it that would be great. i know online sources are good but i wanna talk to them about tuning the radio as well thats kinda why i want a store...

thanks guys!

January 22nd, 2009, 08:51
Ask Rich. He'll tell you there are no CB shops in south OC. :) He finally went up to the Solder Joint in Orange.

January 22nd, 2009, 08:52
Ask Rich. He'll tell you there are no CB shops in south OC. :) He finally went up to the Solder Joint in Orange.

well shit...lol thats not what i wanted to hear.

January 22nd, 2009, 08:57
i wanna talk to them about tuning the radio as well thats kinda why i want a store...

thanks guys!

What do you mean by tuning the radio?
If you mean matching the antenna to the CB then I have an SWR meter and can do that for you. But I have no knowledge of opening the CB itself and tweaking it.

And X2 on the Solder Joint in Orange on Tustin Ave.

January 22nd, 2009, 09:00
lol i meant tuning the antenna...my parents bought an SWR meter as well for me...

well the solder joint isn't too far away, does anyone have that number off hand?

EDIT: nevermind i got it on google

January 22nd, 2009, 11:26
There's a great place up in Torrance called AB Mobile Com. Their hours are a bit restrictive but those guys really know their stuff, it's ran by some old radio dorks. THey were really helpful when Rainer needed to get some random HAM crap when he was here. To the point that they opened up the store on a Sunday when they're normally closed to make a $5.00 sale. If you don't want to look around (they have a nice collection of old comm. equipment from the beginnings of communication to now) you can call in an order to them.

AB Mobile Com
22826 Mariposa Ave
Torrance, CA 90502
(310) 326-3808

January 22nd, 2009, 14:37
MUD Shack, El Cajon Blvd San Diego.


Great old guys in the shop.

January 22nd, 2009, 15:32
I think the mud shack is gone and moved to Santee with a different name.

January 23rd, 2009, 03:35
yea, that's right.

I didn't know they did, so thanks for posting that up.

here is the right info.


210 W. Bradley Ave Suite C

El Cajon , Ca. 92020
Telephone: 619-258-9400

January 23rd, 2009, 07:43
x2 on Audio Plus. I bought my antenna from them, good folks.

January 23rd, 2009, 11:23
the Solder Joint in Orange.

talk to hollywood he can help you

January 23rd, 2009, 11:29
talk to hollywood he can help you

"Talk to Hollywood at the Solder Joint."

This just sounds a bit sleezy man.

January 23rd, 2009, 13:10
"Talk to Hollywood at the Solder Joint."

This just sounds a bit sleezy man.

Yeah I thought so too when I met him.
I'm glad to know someone else calls him that and he wasn't just blowing smoke up a certain body orifice.

Mr. Pickle
January 23rd, 2009, 14:50
Here come a newb question: You don't just plug the antenna into the radio and go? There is tuning? (I am aware of tuning and such on race radios) How vital is this tuning? Is it only dependent on the antenna length or does it also depend on the length of the cable to the antenna? Sorry for the hijack.

January 23rd, 2009, 19:02
You want to tune your antenna's length to radiate as much power out as possible.
You use an SWR meter to do this (standing wave ratio).
This will indicate whether your antenna is too long or too short and you adjust it accordingly (provided your antenna can be adjusted).
When I say your antenna may be too long or too short I don't mean you switch from a 3 ft antenna to a 4 ft one.
It means the antenna needs to be adjusted in say 1/16" increments.
An excessively high SWR can damage your CB.

Here is how to set you SWR from the Firestik website

Here is how to use a radio shack SWR meter

Here are a bunch of things every CB'er should know (according to Firestik)
Note #20 regarding coax length
20. If your ground plane is good, your mount grounded and, your antenna favorably located, coax length rarely becomes an issue. But, if one or more mismatches occur, you may find high SWR. This can often be corrected by using 18 feet lengths of high quality coax.

January 23rd, 2009, 19:28
thats some great info curt.

thats kinda the stuff i am looking for. i have an SWR meter and i am gonna tune my CB when i get it installed...would you mind helping me?

January 23rd, 2009, 19:47
No problem D
Just let me know when you are ready

January 23rd, 2009, 19:48
how hard is it? my antenna is tuneable?

like how long would it take? could we do it at a M&G maybe?

January 23rd, 2009, 19:52
it's really simple and pretty fast
maybe 10 minutes and yes we could do it at a M&G
MOST antennas are tunable although Ted's wasn't
what model antenna do you have?

January 23rd, 2009, 19:53
its a wilson 4ft and its tunable. i dont have the actual model number in front of me. but the top has a tunable tip...my dad bought it all for me for christmas and this was what the guy recommended for what i was doing.

January 23rd, 2009, 20:15
then it should be easy
it will either have a screw on the very end that you can screw in or out as needed
or it will have a set screw that you loosen and then pull the rod out or push it in as needed and then tighten the set screw