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January 21st, 2009, 10:51
hello :wave1:

Im not sure, Im in the right forum (modified or not), if not, please
put this thread in the right one. thx.

I drive a 1998 XJ Ltd, 4.0, 100,000 miles, 4" budget boost, 31x10.5/15 cooper STT.

I have the following problem:

my transmission doesnt work in the overdrive.
doesnt matter, what Im doing, the aw4 uses just the "normal" gears.
sometimes, but just sometimes!!!, the aw4 switches into the OD, but it springs off after few hundred meters.
it switches only into the OD, when Im driving uphill, cold engine/transmission (just started) and step onn the gas the half way.
Maybe, you knows an answer???

sorry about my clumsy english, Im german...

January 21st, 2009, 11:01
hows the fluid level/condition? have the TV cable set properly? has it ever ran properly?

January 21st, 2009, 11:07
I drove with a xj (similar to my) of a friend and his rpm are a lot lower then mine.
I have this xj for about 3 years and didnt know, that the rpm are to high.
its my first jeep...
yes, oil is good (just changed), enough and not overfilled.
so i think this prob is about 3 years old, but I didnt know, that I have a problem...

January 21st, 2009, 11:07
oh, whats the tv-cable??? and where is it?

January 21st, 2009, 11:25
what gear ratio is yours? What gear ratio is your friends? When you take off from a stop and accelerate to speed, does the transmission shift 3 times? What kinds of RPMs are you running, and at what speeds.

January 21st, 2009, 11:30
What happens when you are driving in 3rd gear (on the shifter) on flat ground at a normal speed, and then put it into overdrive while driving? any change?

~ James

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