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October 13th, 2008, 19:38
Seems this is the new place for trailer builds, so here is mine.

More details can be found here: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16737
More pics here: http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h76/bfourman/Trailer/

Started with this trailer I found on Indianapolis Craigslist for $100. Through some cooperation with a fellow MWC member, I picked it up while visiting my in-laws.




Before we left Indy to make the trip home, I replaced the broken taillights with LED lights from Advance Auto and rewired the plug. I also snapped a few more pics. The tongue had some sort of hillbilly hitch on it, so I "engineered" it for the trip home.






October 13th, 2008, 19:47
Got it home, but noticed the d/s wheel wobbling. More on that later.

I had the redneck hitch cut off and replaced with a 2" ball hitch. I would have loved a pintle or Lok-n-Roll offroad style hitch, but the practicality and cost weren't there.

Pulled the hubs apart to check/repack the bearings, thinking that was causing the wobble. Nope. The PO evidently used a front axle from a Model A Ford (yep, 1930s), welded the spindles straight and bolted it under the trailer. Unfortunately the hub ended up being bent, and replacements ran $170 each. Both were bad, which led to this:


Pulled out the old axle and threw in a new beam from TSC, which included hubs.


While I was waiting for my longer ubolts to arrive from Truckspring.com, I painted and installed a 4xRac (thanks Jim!) on the front for my spare HiLift.



Of course I had some help...


October 13th, 2008, 19:52
Nothing about this trailer was normal, including space between the wheelwells and the wheel mounting surface. The 60" beam I got from TSC didn't allow enough space for my tires; they rubbed on the leafs and tub, but the 70" beam would have been too wide.

I ordered 1.25" wheel spacers, picked up some Jeep steelies from ILLXJ and tried to fit 31s. Still too wide. I swapped them out for some 235/75s, and they fit.



And that brings it to today. Obviously the grand total is over $100, but I tried to keep it cheap along the way. So far I'm at $425, which still isn't bad for a trailer.

Phase 2 will be a paint job for both the tub and wheels, but that's gonna be a ways off. I may put an ammo can on the tongue for straps/misc, but for now it is finished.

October 13th, 2008, 23:43
Nice job, but get some color on that asap. :cheers:

October 14th, 2008, 15:33
Do those springs even flex? They look like one solid rusted mass......

Good job! The price was right.... And from what the pics show, it looks like if you decide to put a few bux into it down the road, you've got a good base to start with.

October 14th, 2008, 16:52
I'd pull the springs apart, clean them up, paint them, and then put them back together, you'll probably get a LOT more flex out of them by doing so. I would also put some braces on the tongue from the sides of the tub to the tip, making it an A frame. This will not only give you a place to put that ammo can you were talking about but will also help with the side to side flexing you'll be seeing on the trail.

Odd little trailer, such a short little thing (meaning the height of the tub), kinda cute ;)

PS - I'd love to see a close up photograph of the old lights please.

October 14th, 2008, 19:23
I've spoted one locally very similar to this one.
It's just been setting behind a garage for 4 months now and hasn't moved. Looks to be in a bit better shape than Byrons.
I just wish I had the cash to stop and attempt to buy it.:rolleyes:

October 14th, 2008, 20:19
I've spoted one locally very similar to this one.
It's just been setting behind a garage for 4 months now and hasn't moved. Looks to be in a bit better shape than Byrons.
I just wish I had the cash to stop and attempt to buy it.:rolleyes:

Offer $50, maybe you'll get lucky like me and get it for free ;)

October 15th, 2008, 20:30
Looks good!