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October 21st, 2007, 16:16
Sometimes adventure is what you make of it. After finishing putting the lift and sye on I went for a shakedown drive with my son and a friend of his.

First the XJ main and Bronco II leafs in the back and RE parts from Desert Fab in front.


Out 99th Ave to Jomax and west toward the Auga Fria.

A little posing first.


Turns out the front wheels rub a bit on the flare near full turn but I think I can move the axle forward a bit to fix that without trimming.

Continue over the Auga Fria till we get to where an irrigation ditch crosses a valley in a big pipe. Some messages I can't decipher here:


Looking Inside this part of the ditch we find messages in our national language. Not as artistic though.


Hmm. Just upstream from these is a message about drug use.


Maraja... duh, huh, ummm, just say weed dood!

We continue under the big pipe and come to a shooting area where someone left a perfectly good Honda 90 trail bike.


Who would throw something this good away? We hid it in a nearby wash and my son and his friend went back the next weekend and retrieved it. The wife's not too thrilled but it's a big yard.

Driving north around the east side of the Vistancia master planned housing development and crossing the CAP canal we come to an area that has some reclaimed mining sites. The desert here is littered with the remnants of that activity.

Check out that cistern on the hill.


Let's have a look inside...


Unholy satanic ritual batman!

A layer of cow bones.


Aliens? Satanists? Short Horned Elk hunters? Lazy cowboys? A big-assed bar-b-queue?

There's nobody around to ask so....

Heading north again, hopefully to connect with AZ 74, a.k.a. the Carefree Highway somewhere to the west of the Lake Pleasant entrance.

Check out a mine site on a hillside, nothing there but tailings and a lot of wind.


Eventually we reach the highway. Except the gate is locked and there's a sign facing the highway saying something about no tresspassing, fines, etc., etc..

Luckily someone wired a section of the fence next to the gate so it could be undone and we can get through.


End of trip, time to head for Micky D's except for my leaving the GPS unit sitting next to the benchmark in the cattle guard and not remembering till we were about 5 miles down the road.

Semi-urban adventure on the fringes of Phoenix.

November 7th, 2007, 06:50
There is a really cool road that you can take North of Phoenix. It takes you from the lake area (can't remember what it's called) all the way to Crown King. Really nice area, moderate to easy trail and definately fun. One word of caution there though: stay on the main part of the road and do not take the big loop to the side as it's not really passable due to overgrowth.