View Full Version : 4.0L Stutterindg problem

August 6th, 2007, 11:36
Greetings, folks!
Already searched but not finding the info I needed so here goes...
My 4.0L has recently started to stutter at idle (almost dies, goes back to idle) and bucks a little bit between 2000-2500 as I roll down the road. It isnt violent, not sure its even noticable to people who don't know the rig as well as I do, but it definately loses power for a moment and goes back to running smooth. Under a second, I'm talking, but I can feel it lose power for a moment.
Checked plugs & wires - everything connected properly.
My theory is fuel pump relay is having intermittent shorts. Where is the sucker so I can rattle it with the engine running, see what happens?
Anyone else experience this problem / have advice / experience to share?