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May 4th, 2007, 12:34
Reading here for more than over a year, registred since half a year...... time to introduce myself ;)

I'm 28 year old, living in The Netherlands (Europe). Yes that small country were people still walk on wooden shoes, watching their windmills with a big joint in the corner of their mouth :P So that's for all the clichés haha.

But never the less, I'm a proud owner of a 1998 XJ 4.0 wich I bought last october. Therefore I rode an YJ and ZJ V8. But I must say, the XJ is the best Jeep I owned so far and this one stays :)

I bought her stock and after 4 months I lifted her with an RE 3.5" superflex kit and gave her 31" BFG AT's. My goal (for now) is a TNT Customs Y-Link kit on 33" Mickey Thompson MTZ's and a lot of other mods. But at the moment I'm first busy collecting parts for my 4.6L stroker build. It is mostly based on the builds and mods of Gojeep (great site!) and Dino.

Well enough chit chat, here some pictures of my rig :)





May 4th, 2007, 13:12
Nice rig... Where do you get your parts? Must be super expensive to get them from the US...

Kyle Petterson
May 4th, 2007, 13:18
I heard he made them out of wood. Much like his shoes.

Jeep looks good, man. How's wheeling in the Netherlands? I've heard good things about it. Actually I've heard good things about most of South America. Anyways, good job and throw another shrimp on the barbie.

May 4th, 2007, 13:27
LOL KYLE...now that's funny...I think it's great that we are an international club!!

May 4th, 2007, 13:31
My parts mostly come from 4WD.com. Mostly because they are located in the east of North America what is good for the shipping. If I want to order something out of the west coast of center shipping costs rise exponentially.

But it still is an expensive business that's right. At this time it is somewhat less expensive due to the positive dollar / euro ratio (1 dollar = 0,69 euro at this time) But that won't last forever I guess :(

But for example when I want to order the TNT Y-link set I've got a challenge because 4WD don't carry TNT stuff and TNT itself won't ship overseas. But maybe at that time I'll ask if one of you guys is willing to order the set for me and send it over. But that have to wait for a while since I'm building my stroker first ;) (those parts mostly come from Summit Racing though)

Wheeling in The Netherlands..... well if you like mud your in the right place, but I don't like it much, so for me ..... it sucks ;) I rather like a bit of rock crawling. And The Netherlands is a rather "flat" country we've got no serious mountains, off course we've got some hills, but nothing serious.

Those pictures above are taken in Germany where we wheeled two weeks ago in a stone quarry. That was a relieve for me, at last some stone haha.

Well I'm planning to become a bit more active on this forum (wich is a great knowledge source also for us here in Europe). And I still got a wish to make a trip to the states and meet some of you guys overthere and do some wheeling.