View Full Version : Dana 30 with 4.10's, Detroit Locker, 297x shafts

March 31st, 2007, 13:19
Dana 30 with Spicer 4.10 gears, full-case Detroit soft locker, & 297x shafts. The passenger side long inner shaft has a bent ear on it and that side needs a new u-joint also. I'd rather upgrade the axle than spend any more on this one. You can get a new Spicer inner & outer with a 297 u-joint installed for around $115 IIRC, or a used one cheaper. Any home mechanic with regular tools can put in a new axle shaft.

The gear setup was done 23,000 miles ago by Crossed Up off-road in Tucson and all new Timken bearings were installed at the time.

Here's what it cost me and what it would cost to build one up new:
Already had the D30 axle (came with the Jeep )
Detroit $525
Spicer 4.10 R&P $200
Gear setup $200
297x Axles & joints (both sides) $225
4xDoctor Diff Guard $75
Total $1,225

I don't know what this stuff goes for now, but I'd like to get around $800 for the whole thing, or I can part it out if I get dibs on a good portion of it. Make me an offer.


April 1st, 2007, 11:34
OK, let's remove the diff guard and say $725. Any interest at that price?