View Full Version : Detroit EZ locker preblem

March 6th, 2007, 13:17
Does anyone here know what would cause an EZ locker to not lock? I was wheeling at TDS last weekend & noticed a clicking noise coming from the front axle. It started out with a slight clicking & seemed to get louder the more I drove it. Got home & pulled the front diff cover & found the noise coming from the EZ locker, With the front hubs locked & wheels off the ground I turned one of the wheels by hand & the other didn't turn, I can see the teeth skiping & the clicking noise comes to life.. I have not pulled it apart yet & just wandering if it may be broken or has anyone has had this problem with an EZ locker before. I looked on theri web site & didn't see any replacement parts so I assume it can't be rebuilt? :huh:

Thanks for any help you can offer.