View Full Version : Having a stupid attack - 32's on 2"BB

March 5th, 2007, 11:23
I'm having a stupid attack and have decided to run 32" Maxxis Bighorns on some cheapie wheels with wider backspacing. My rig has the 2" Rusty's AAL BB on it.

I'll trim the front & rear wheel wells as much as possible and do some extended bump stops front & rear (maybe limiting straps also).

Flex capability will be sacrificed, but I need ground clearance more than I need flex.

I can't spend any $$ on suspension and my tires are worn out.
All of my buddies are running at least 31's with 3.5" lifts and I just can't hang with them on the trails anymore so I gotta do something.
I don't want to buy 30's again (I'm hoping to get some XJ funds appropriated by June or July).

Does anyone have experience with this mod?

March 5th, 2007, 12:12
Yes, here is my XJ:
33x12.5 TSLs on 2.5:

33x10.5 Buckshot Mudders:

32x10.5 TSLs:

More pics here:

I ran 33s on mine for a while before I went to 32s (got too good of a deal to pass up).

I got some TJ flares, positioned them as high up as I could, traced their location on the XJ & cut it to fit. I think it does great for where/how I wheel.

March 5th, 2007, 12:22
Thanks for the info and bonus pics!

Are the rear flares TJ's also?
I've seen TJ flares on the front wells, but never a good pic of the rear wells.

Great job!

March 5th, 2007, 12:33
Sorry... forgot to ask a question.

Are you using extended bump stops, or are you just flexin' 'till it rubs?

March 7th, 2007, 07:24
It flexes till it rubs, I try to pick a good line & don't have many problems with rubbing really. Stock bumpstops.

The flares are a set of front & rear TJ flares. I got them for free & painted them with Krylon Fusion.