View Full Version : whoops screwed up, tranny question

zj to xj
July 11th, 2006, 12:07
so I have a 1994 xj with the ax15 tranny I changed out the fluid to redline synthetic. good so far right. Anyhow I used the MT-90 75-90 formulated for manual trannies. Problem is as I grabbed it off my shelf. I accidently grabbed a bottle of 75-140, not paying attention I proceeded to refill the transmission. I used mt-90 till the last 1/2 quart and then put in the 75-140 redline. I did not realize the folly until I had buttoned her up and was cleaning up. So my question is do I rechange it or is the 1/2 quart of 75-140 harmless. They are both redline synthetic I am not sure if the 75-140 is gl5 or what? Any advice ?:shocked:

July 11th, 2006, 17:03
dont worry about it,